What is permanent jewelry?Permanent jewelry is a chain that is custom fitted to you, then quickly, easily & painlessly welded so that it does not have a clasp or hook & is a continuous piece of jewelry. 

How permanent is permanent?
Permanent is as permanent as you'd like it to be.  You can take off your jewelry by cutting with a pair of household scissors if & when you're ready to remove your jewelry.

Are they waterproof?
Yes!  However, if you are in chlorine or salt water for an extended period of time, it is recommended to wash with warm, soapy water & pat dry.

Can I wear through TSA?
Yes! Airport security does not make you remove fine jewelry.

What about MRIs or other medical procedures?
If you need to remove jewelry for any imaging (or any other reason), keep the piece! It can usually be rewelded.

Will you offer repairs?
Yes!  We ensure that jewelry is bonded & secured before you leave your appointment.  Permanent jewelry is designed to last but doesn't mean it is unbreakable.  If you need to remove your jewelry or it comes off for any reason, it can be rewelded for a $10 repair fee.  If jewelry is not in its original state & cannot easily be rewelded, a new piece will need to be purchased.

How do you care for permanent jewelry?
It's pretty easy!  We use great quality metals that can be quickly & easily cleaned.  To help remove any built-up dirt & oils, wash with warm water & mild soap, using an ultrasoft toothbrush if necessary, then pat dry.  Otherwise, care & clean for your piece as you would with other jewelry of similar metal.