Hi, friend! I'm Karly.
My biggest flex is I'm a daughter of the King.
I'm also a police wife, mom of 3 (Avery, 7, Alijah, 4 & Adrian, 1) & creator & owner of By: Grace Alone!

As many other moms I know, I struggled with wanting to be home with my kids but also enjoying working.  I struggled with finding affordable childcare that worked with our schedules.  I struggled with (still do) motherhood being the most incredible & exhausting time of my life.  I struggled with some postpartum depression.  And I struggled with what I call "socialmediaitis;" getting caught up in wanting more things of this world.  I was very much at a "Jesus take the wheel" spot in my life when I was trying to get a clothing boutique business started in a spare bedroom a few years ago.

Have you ever been at a "Jesus take the wheel" spot in your life? When things feel out of control?  Where you don't know what' s next, which way to go, which direction will get you where you want to be?  Well, let me tell you... If you let Jesus take the wheel, HE'S GONNA TAKE IT.

I went from a spare bedroom to our basement.  When I was in our basement doing Facebook lives, I dreamed about having a storefront.  My husband is just the BEST human being & encouraged me to do it.  But then we found out we were having another baby! So I put business plans on hold.  But Jesus still had that wheel & wouldn't give it back!  When my youngest was a newborn, I got a small business loan when I was told it was pretty much the hardest time, ever, in the history of forever, to get a small business loan.  (Small businesses were closing left & right).  Four months later, I randomly drove past a storefront for rent in Pennsburg & called the number.  One thing led to another (the middle of ALL good stories) & we were renovating a storefront & opening a business with a police officer schedule (iykyk) while homeschooling a 6 year old, potty training a 3 year old & nursing a 4 month old.  

People often think my name is Grace.  It's not.
I named my business By: Grace Alone because when I was going through challenges, I reminded myself that by His grace alone, I will be okay.  There is nothing too big or too strong for my God & He has already won the battles for me.  When we have gone through good times, they were also by His grace alone.  We only need to trust that these good times will plentiful. And they will be, because God ALWAYS keeps his promises.  

My mission for this space is that every single person who walks through the doors of BGA leaves feeling like they are a TREASURE, because they are.  I want every single person to celebrate the beauty they've been given, by HIS grace alone.  
We are all made for something.  We should all be excited in who the Creator created us to be, because it's important & special & a really big deal.  
I want people to leave BGA feeling confident, ready to live their purpose & celebrating who they are.

I hope you'll come visit us soon!
(Disclaimer: sometimes there's kids here.  No matter what they're saying/doing, they're a blessing.  I promise. Your kids are always welcome here.  We like the "spirited" ones!)

By: Grace Alone
Celebrating the beauty you've been given, by His grace alone.
Ephesian 2:8